Man Kills 8-Months-Old Son After A Fight With His Mother

In a very ghastly case where one might an individual suffers from demonic possession or under the influence of drugs – a man has smashed his 18-month-year old son on the wall.

A Bindura man named Matthew Mutore (24) is reported to have smashed his son to the wall after a fight with his wife, who is also the mother to their son.

The couple Matthew Mutore and his wife, Ms. Cindy Musunda (21), is said to have been traveling back to their house when they decided to visit the accused’s mother Ms. Esteri Sunday (46) at Beaconhill farm in Bindura. It was during this visit that a shouting match broke out with his mother in law over a reason yet to be known,

According to an interview with Assistant Inspector Dhewu:

“He was restrained and the mother sought refuge at a nearby house,” he said. “Mutore alleged that someone wanted to kill his 18-month-old son Matthew Junior and he wanted to protect him.

“He became violent and started throwing stones.  Mutore started assaulting his wife while the baby was strapped on her back. The baby fell down and started crying. Mutore picked the baby and his wife snatched him from him. They started wrestling for the baby and Mutore assaulted his wife repeatedly. She escaped and left the baby behind.”

According to the a local publication,  Ms. Sunday sought refuge at her brother-in-law’s home before going back to the scene.

Mutore had locked himself inside a hut and they broke in and asked for the baby. To which he replied that he put his baby in a red 20-liter bucket. The baby was however found dead and his skull showed that he was hit by or against a blunt object.

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