Bushiri Lawyers Want Case To Heard As Civil Not Criminal

Lawyers representing leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Prophet Shepherd Bushiri have prayed to court to have the case Bushiri and his wife Mary are answering to be heard as civil and not criminal.

The pray comes after the state advocates challenged the decision of Lilongwe Magistrate Court in which Senior Resident Magistrate Viva Nyimba ordered unconditional release of the couple.

According to Wapona Kita, lawyer representing the Bushiris said they want the matter to be heard as a civil case as the country’s laws provide as such.

Under Malawi’s laws, such cases can be tried as civil cases which can only attract a fine or a suspended sentence and not a custodial jail term.

Kita said the matter has been adjourned to 14th December, where the court is expected to hear the preliminary objections that have been raised regarding the jurisdiction of the court to hear a criminal review of extradition proceedings which are civil in nature.

Bushiri and his wife were arrested few days after they arrived the country from South Africa where they skipped bail and violating conditions that were attached to their release.

Bushiri and his wife are answering charges of fraud and money laundering in the Rainbow Nation, however, Bushiri has said he is seeking help from the Malawi government in which he is the citizen alleging that he will not have a fair trial in South Africa.

Meanwhile, he has three fresh arrest warrant place before him on the alleged rape charges in South Africa.

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