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Drama in court as oversizde manhood claim rocks assault case

A woman who doused her estranged ‘husband’ with acid after he caught her in bed with another man denied charges of assaulting him, telling the court that she separated from him because of his huge manhood.

Lucy Njeri was charged on Tuesday, January 16, with assaulting Geoffrey Nyebere in Nairobi.

In her defense, Njeri told Makadara Senior Principal Magistrate Angelo Kithinji that the complainant is not her husband for she had kicked him out of the house because she could not stand him.

Njeri said that she had warned Nyebere to stop visiting her because she was afraid of his manhood, which she said: “is too big for any woman.”

Despite making several complaints against Nyebere to the Soweto Police Station, Njeri said, he always rushed to the same police to make counter-accusations.

“I have repeatedly told him that I don’t want him because I can’t stand him but he keeps coming back and I have reported him to the police for it,” she said.

She told the court that she has been to the police station over 20 times, a claim she told the court she can substantiate.

On the day she doused his face with acid, Njeri said that Nyebere arrived home at about 10 pm only to find her with another man.

She refused to open the door for him even after repeated knockings.

Instead of going away, she told the court that Nyebere opened the house window and she reacted by splashing acid on his face.

Neighbours who witnessed the incident told the police that they saw smoke emanating from Nyebere’s face with his skin peeling off after the acid attack.

As Nyebere’s face burned, Njeri is said to have taken off with her lover as the onlookers gathered around the house.

The onlookers took Nyebere to a hospital while Njeri was arrested the next day.

After pleading for lenient bail, the Makadara court released her on Sh10,000 cash bail with the hearing of the case scheduled on June 21.

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