Member of Parliament for Salima North West Enock Phale says over-dependence on donors on the development of the fisheries sector is gradually killing the industry.

Phale made the remarks on Saturday, April 10 in the district at the opening of Mbenje Fishing Island while arguing that it is surprising that fishermen are meant to pay for licenses when their business premises are only developed with external support.

Phale however pleads with the government to ensure that the money fishers pay for licenses and other finds benefit them other than relying on external support.

“Government collect some license fees and other fees around yet those that are contributing toward those fees do not have simple amenities,” said Phale.

While commending Traditional Authority (T/A) Makanjira for the initiative which gives space for fish breeding, District fishermen’s officer Kingsley Kamtambe says authorities are still discussing.

“We have to continue the consultations and we see the way forward where that can be possible but at the moment it is being discussed,” said Kamtambe.

Meanwhile, T/A Makanjira has asked fishermen to employ and comply with covid 19 preventive measures while on the island.

However, Makanjira has warned against the use of illegal fishing gear which he says will defeat the purpose they close and open the fishing island.

The fishing activities at Mbenje Fishing Island where women are not allowed to go will close again in December.

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