A court in Kasungu has started hearing a case involving 10 Police officers who were arrested on the allegations that the aided illegal immigrants into the country.

Magistrate Banda is the one presiding over the matter.

National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera over the week confirmed of the arrest of the officers.

According to Kadadzera, the officers aided fifteen Somalis and three Ethiopians to pass freely point on April 2, 2021.

Kadadzera who said that the officers are both from Kasungu are believed to have received bribes from the said immigrants.

Their move was busted by Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officers who intercepted the illegal activity at Chilanga area in Kasungu district on April 2, 2021 reads part of the statement.

Police reiterates its stand to clean out unprofessional and corrupt conduct among its rank and file to serve Malawians better.

Police has since urged the public to report anyone, including police officers involved in illegal activities, to the nearest police station for action.

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