Drama As Sex Famished Wife Begs Magistrate To Order Husband To Sleep With Her

There was drama at the Bulawayo Civil Court when an apparently sex famished wife begged the magistrate to order her husband to sleep with her.  

The request was made by 50-year-old Peggy Nkomo when she dragged her husband 54-year-old Morgan Mhlanga to court demanding a protection order.

In her application for a protection order, Peggy revealed that the couple has been sleeping in separate bedrooms for the last 6 years. She also revealed that in those 6 years, Mhlanga had never initiated intimacy.   

She also claimed that she was getting a raw deal because her husband is not only abusive but is failing to carry out his marital duties. Peggy accused her husband of being abusive to her, the children and the grandchildren.

In response to the allegations, Mhlanga denied being abusive to his wife and family and insisted that he stopped talking to his wife six years ago. He confirmed that he had not been intimate with his wife in that time arguing that she is a nag who is too talkative.

The intimacy-famished wife then begged presiding magistrate Nkosinomusa Ncube to order her husband to come back to the marital bed. She insisted that she still needs a man and demanded to know what she is supposed to do if Mhlanga continues neglecting her. 

A frustrated Peggy also decried the unfairness of her husband’s actions. She revealed that Mhlanga had married her when she was only 19 and that they had been together for 30 years. She expressed hurt at the fact that he was now refusing to cater to her needs when he was well aware that she still needs a man.

Unfortunately, for her, the presiding magistrate dismissed her application for lack of merit saying that it is not up to the court to order people to sleep with each other. B-Metro quotes the magistrate as saying, 

“But I can’t force him to sleep with you. I really can’t. That is not the purpose of this court. The purpose of this court is to protect you whenever I’m satisfied that there are repeated incidents of domestic violence that put your life in danger,”

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