Meat Halaal Butchery for quality meat

By Orchestra Kamanga

One of the leading meat Halaal Butchery in the country has promised and assured their customers that they will continue providing quality meat.

Speaking in an interview Butchery’s Manager Sufian Godil said they main purpose of opening the butchery is to provide highly quality meat like Sausages, Polony, Goat, Bones plus Burger and Usipa.

“We have also introduced three different flavours of Hangarian Sausages like plain Hangarian which is K2, 400 while Masala beef is worth K2, 600 and Chili beef is K2, 800 which is available in all Sana outlets,” he said.

Godil therefore urged its customers to continue patronising their butchery which is in Limbe along Grevillia Avenue to buy quality meat.

“We provide quality meat at affordable price so that our customers should not go deeper into their pocket,” he said adding that shortly the butchery will expand to others areas to meet peoples demand.

The butchery slogan is “Let us meet your needs” and their provide Halaal, Fresh and Quality.

Located along Grevillia Avenue in Limbe, Malawi was started its operations in August 2019.

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