Well-known comedian Felistus Nya-uyu Ngwira who is also President of the Vilekeke Kingdom is under fire for allegedly making sensitive comments towards son of popular musician, Piksy on social median.

‘Umakwana’ hit maker posted a photo of him and his son on facebook with a caption ‘With the man @izindie_z #son’.

Just after posting it, Nya-uyu Ngwira jokingly reacted by saying: “I will be his sugar mama just waiting kuti adenguleko.”

The comment did not go down will with some of the social media fans who started attacking the comedian.

One of the concerned fans identified as Mercy Diniwa wrote: “Ma’am, some jokes are not jokes. Know where to stop please!

“Just waiting adenguleko” on a child? iyayi pls do better.”

Concurring with Diniwa’s remarks Magz Munty: “Felistus Nya-uyu Ngwira you sound like a predatory pervert. He is a child. If a man said the same thing to a small girl we would call him out for being a predator. What a nasty unfunny comment.”

On her part Hilda Zamangwe wrote: “Ndipo if it was a man commenting such on a girl child it would’ve been a big issues.”

Effort to talk to Nya-uyu Ngwira proved futile.

Recently the country has experienced a sharp rise in rape and defilement cases targeting women and young girls.

The move has seen right activists calling for stiffer punishment.

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