Tanzania’s opposition leader Freeman Mbowe was arraigned in court on Monday in Dar es Salaam however his family complained that he was not in a good health condition.

According to his daughter Nicole Mbowe, she met her father at Oysterbay police station on Monday morning and he complained of body aches.

“He was complaining of body pains and requested to be taken to a doctor, he has been sleeping on the floor at the police station during this cold period, for his health and considering his age, that is not a good condition for him,” she said.

According to the police commander Dar es Salaam’s special unit Jumanne Muliro, Mbowe was charged in court with multiple offenses including issues that might cause peace instability in Tanzania.

He however declined to give further details on the charges.

“The accusations against Mbowe have been clearly stated in the charge sheet which Mbowe has a copy and I do not want to interfere with how the charges were prepared by the office of prosecution,” Muliro told journalists.

Earlier on, Mbowe’s party CHADEMA posted on Twitter that he was arraigned in Kisutu court and he was charged with terrorism.

However, according to a local newspaper in Tanzania, Mbowe was accused of undermining the country’s economy by planning to sponsor terrorism activities.

After his arrest last week, the military spokesperson David Misime said that Mbowe was arrested because he was suspected of planning terrorism activities and the assassination of some government leaders.

Misime added that Mbowe was aware that he was being investigated and the necessary legal steps would be taken at the right time after the investigations were concluded.

Initially, it was thought that Mbowe was arrested for pushing for the amendment of the constitution through organizing a conference

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