President Lazarus Chakwera has refuted rumors that his daughter Violet Chakwera is among those who have been appointed to hold various diplomatic positions in foreign embassy.

Reports were carried out that Chakwera has appointed his most loved daughter for a diplomatic post in Brussels, Belgium.

Following the development, Chakwera was under fire for being a hypocrite as he was accused of practicing what his predecessor former President Peter Mutharika was doing.

Chakwera, used to accuse Mutharika of practicing nepotism when he was leader of opposition.

During a hard talk interview with British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Chakwera expressed shock when asked on his decision to appoint his daughter as a diplomat.

“I am really amazed that you could use that as an example of something that is even not true. Violet s not going to Brussels,” Chakwera said

The president further asked the interviewer to first check their facts at the same time emphasizing that his daughter is not going to Brussels.

However, last week Press secretary to the president Brian Banda defended the appointment of Violet Chakwera as a diplomat.

Chakwera’s refusal on the matter has sparkled debate as in who is saying the truth between the two.

One social media commentator Onjezani Kenani posed a question on the same.

“So which is which? Last week, State House defended the appointment of the President’s daughter to Brussels. On Hardtalk the President said it’s not true,” Kenani asked.


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