President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has come under fire for failing to come out clear on home many jobs the Tonse Alliance has cleared in the past one year

On Tuesday, Chakwera was featured as guest in the Hardtalk Programme hosted by Sarah Montague on BBC where the President was given a chance to clarify on some of keys areas of development the Tonse Alliance is focusing on.

But drama came when Chakwera was questioned on one million jobs the Tonse Alliance promised Malawians during campaign trail ahead of the June 23, 2020 fresh Presidential polls.

Instead of answering the question, Chakwera concentrated on the effectiveness of the AIP programme, attracting criticisms from Malawians.

Back Bencher wrote: “Why not just accept that with Covid it has become increasingly diffict to meet such a promise. Let the million jobs go. Let us focus on what is doable. Very little believed this promise. Sad thing is that things that are achievable have also delayed. Fight on corruption is such an area.”

Another concerned citizen William Dzonzi wrote: “Not sure if this interview was worth it. He’s just shot himself ndithu. Busy explaining stuff he hasnt been asked.”

On his part one of the social commentators Onjezani Kenani wrote: “Waganyu mukamufunsa kuti walima mizere ingati lero? Akangoyamba kuti “Monga mukudziwira, pansi n’pouma zedi, ndiye lero nditalawilira m’mamawa…” Basi, mungodziwa kuti sizinayende. Uyu walima savutika. Mwalima mizere ingati? Ndalima isanu, basi nkhani yathera pomwepo. Koma akangoyamba nthano ndiye kuti palibe chilipo.”

Meanwhile debate on the matter continues.

The BBC’s Hardtalk is an in-depth, hard-hitting interviews programme that is done with newsworthy personalities across the world.

Its first episode was aired on March 31, 1997.

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