Business Magnet Thomson Mpinganjira has now arrived at Chichiri Prison, where he will be remanded awaiting sentence.

The development follows his conviction by the High Court Judge Dorothy DeGabrielle on two counts in case where he attempted to bribe constitutional court Judges.

In mitigation, the defence team prayed that the accused should be given a non custodial sentence as he has already demonstrated remorse over the unfortunate events that have led to his conviction.

The lawyers claimed that Mpinganjira is 60 years old, he is old and is a family man with children and grandchildren who look up to him.

He added that Mpinganjira has built and supported a lot of churches, pays school fees for disadvantaged students.

He further highlighted that:
He is also the founder of Thomson and Barbra Mpinganjira foundation which supports projects such as Chamaca dealing with cervical cancer.

He is an investor and an entrepreneur and employs hundreds of people.

But the state through Solicitor General, Reyneck Matemba, who was Anti-Corruption Bureau director when the case was starting, trashed the claims by the defence team.

Matemba said Mpinganjira should have known better when he was on his criminal mission.

Turning to an argument that Mpinganjira owns bank, Matemba said Mpinganjira’s bank has been running without him being in management since he already told the court that he was no longer part of the bank’s management and he is now into charitable works. Hence, the argument that employees will be affected by his sentencing does not hold.

Matemba then pleaded with the court to evoke a custodial sentence to the Mpinganjira to reflect the seriousness of the offence he committed.

Meanwhile the case has been adjourned to date to be announced for sentencing.

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