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Woman Has 3 Children With Ex-Lover Because Wealthy Hubby Is Too Ugly

A Ghanaian woman recently went viral after she sensationally revealed that she could not risk having ugly children with her husband who is not gifted in the looks department.

Instead, the woman turned to her handsome ex-boyfriend. She managed to give birth to 3 children without the two men knowing anything of her diabolical scheme.

The woman’s shocking secret was revealed on Accra-based radio station Hitz FM. The woman is seeking help for how to navigate her situation after the whole family was asked to go for DNA tests.

She outlined that she got married to a successful, wealthy and responsible man. Her husband checked all the boxes except for one, for what she was looking for in a husband. Her husband’s looks were well below the standard that she was looking for. However, as his other characteristics more than made up for his looks, she could live with it.

The issue for the lady started when the couple wanted to have children. It was then that she realised that her husband’s looks could be passed on to their children. Horrified with this possibility, she started taking birth control pills without her husband’s knowledge.

Concerned with their inability to have children, the husband booked an appointment at a fertility clinic. After some extensive tests, the two were declared to be healthy.

To prevent her husband from becoming suspicious, she decided to have babies. Just not his. She decided to hook up with an ex-boyfriend who is notable for his good looks. Although the ex-boyfriend is also married, he had no qualms about spending quality time with his her

Whenever she hooked up with him, she would tell the ex-boyfriend that she was on birth control, to prevent any drama in future. After sleeping with the ex-boyfriend, she would make sure that she would also sleep with her husband so that the dates would tally when she got pregnant.

Her plan seemed to have worked to perfection as she gave birth to three healthy and very good looking children. The fourth child is on the way. However, just as it seemed that she had managed to have the best of both worlds, she was dealt a blow.

Her husband won the American Diversity Visa Lottery. She revealed that in order for the family to get their green cards and emigrate to the United States, they are required to have DNA tests. The tests are meant to confirm that people will emigrate with their immediate family.

The concerned woman asked the radio show host how best to handle the situation, tell her husband the truth now, or wait until the test result comes in.

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