Unidentified man is in police custody in Mchinji after being caught naked in a graveyard after a girl he attempted to defile escaped with his pair of trouser.

The incident happened on Friday morning in the area of village headman Mkanda in the district.

According to information at hand, the girl, a standard 3 learner at Kaputu primary School left her home this morning for school.

While on her way the girl bumped into the suspect and he started charting with her. When they reached at a graveyard the man pushed her into the graveyard with an aim of having sex with her.

“While inside the graveyard he unzipped his trouser and preparing to defile her. There was no one to rescue her and she had to think of a plan on how to escape the attack. She told the monster to let her take her clothes off voluntarily and also asked the man to take off his trouser. The man didn’t hesitate but to remove his trouser in readiness to defile her.

“The brave girl had to bend her body as if she was removing her under wear and quickly grabbed the trouser of the monster and started running while shouting for help. The man tried to run after her but he was out run and being naked he gave up and went back into the graveyard,” narrated Gerald Kampanikiza on his official facebook page.

He added: “As she was still running, she met a woman who was working in her garden whom she passed by while with the man and she narrated the story. The woman realised the identity of the man. The woman took her to her school and the school organized community security guys assigned to go hunt for the man. He was finally caught naked and was taken to Mkanda where he is now. We thank God for saving her.”

The suspect will appear in court soon.

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