President Lazarus Chakwera has defended the appointment of his daughter Violet Chakwera as a diplomat to Brussels, months after he denied appointing her.

In his interview with CNN, the Malawi leader conceded that his daughter was appointed to a diplomatic mission in Brussels contradict his earlier stance with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BCC) in which he denied Violet’s appointment.

Defending Violet’s appointment, Chakwera claims that Malawians did not say anything when he moved up and down across the country campaigning with his daughter.

According to Chakwera, his daughter was there for him and took care of his team.

“in fact people did not say anything at all when I crisscrossed this country with my daughter campaigning and she was taking care for those who were doing that,” Chakwera told the CNN.

However, the Malawi leader was quick to distance himself for making the appointment saying it was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responsibility to appoint people in other diplomatic positions.

“I appoint ambassadors and deputy ambassadors. It is the ministry of Foreign Affairs that appoint workers in other grades following needed procedures and processes that this one qualifies and this doesn’t qualify,” he said.

Confirming Violet’s appointment, Minister of Foreign Affairs Eisenhower Mkaka said she was appointed to a diplomatic mission in Brussels on “on a lower position being Malawian”

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