It never rains but pours for Shadreck Namalomba as members of Parliament’s Public Account Committee have written a notice of removal of Namalomba as chairperson.

According to a document that we have seen and signed by Undersigned Members of PAC, they want Namalomba removed after he displayed serious misconduct and misbehaviour which has been occasioned by his inability to provide objective leadership as anticipated by standing order 171 (4)(c).

“We, the undersigned Members of the public Accounts Committee, do hereby give notice under Standing Order 172 (2) of our intention to move a motion under order 172 (1) to have the Honourable Shadreck Namalomba MP, removed from the position of Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee,” reads part of it.

It further revealed that, when Honourable Namalomba issued a Statement, in defence of the former Head of State concerning a matter which is under investigation by the ACB, as current Committee Members of public Accounts, construe as having serious potential to undermine public accounts committee mandate in their future oversight dealings with the ACB in matters of public finances as well as conflict of interest, unless the Honourable Member is removed as Chairperson of the Committee.

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