Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok was put under house arrest on Monday after an unidentified military force occupied his house.

Reports also indicate that civilian members of the Sudan government were taken into custody amid growing tensions between the generals and the pro-democracy movement that fuelled the uprising against former president Omar al-Bashir.

Amongst those that have been taken into custody is the that ministers of Cabinet Affairs, Industry, Information.

This is according to Al Hadath TV, a local news network, which cited unidentified sources.

Neither the government nor the military has commented on the development.

The reported house arrest comes shortly after Sudan’s military arrested Hamdok’s media advisor.

Unidentified military personnel also arrested four cabinet ministers and a civilian member of the ruling sovereign council, local reports said.

The arrests and Hamdok’s home detention come a month after a failed coup attempt. At the time, a top government source said the plotters had attempted to take over the state media building in September but “they failed”.

Former leader Omar al Bashir was ousted after months of street protests in 2019.

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