Pressure is still mounting on Minister of Lands Kezzie Msukwa to resign following his arrest on corruption allegations as Civil Society Organisation Youth and Society (YAS) has also demanded his resignation.

In a statement, YAS has reminded Msukwa that it has become morally untenable for him to continue serving as a cabinet minister hence he has to resign.

The statement further said, YAS and Malawians are deeply concerned and disturbed that he continues to serve in this high office despite the serious and scandalous allegations of corruption against him.

The organisation has since given the minister seven days to resign, failing which they will take necessary action within the law.

Last year, Msukwa was arrested for allegedly receiving bribes from Asian traders to allocate them land.

A report by the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) said Msukwa had among other things received a Mercedes Benz as a token of appreciation for using his ministerial powers to allocate land to the Asians.

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