Mason Greenwood, a Manchester United player, has been accused of physically and sexually assaulting his girlfriend.

Some films published by his girlfriend on social media platforms showed it, as one of the videos exhibited injuries on her body as proof of her accusations.

He was detained and is being held in police custody while an investigation is being conducted.

The conclusion of the probe would decide his destiny. Things are already becoming tough for him, as Manchester United has prohibited him from training and playing for the club until further notice. Some of his teammates have also unfollowed him on social media.

The following are some of the worst-case scenarios he might face if the probe does not exonerate him:

1. Manchester United may cancel his contract

Given the disciplinary action the club has already taken against the teenager, it is probable that he will face harsh punishment if he is found guilty of the charge.

Given that he is now permanently suspended, he may be relieved of service if he is found guilty.

2. He might be unlucky to find a better team like Man Utd

Greenwood is just fortunate to get consistent playing time at Manchester United at such a young age.

The 20-year-old striker is clearly one of the team’s important players, and if he is fired for being guilty of the charge, he may be unfortunate to find a better club.

3. He might lose the value and believe people have for him

You might envision his colleagues unfollowing him because of an accusation that is being investigated.

That demonstrates how much worse things would be if his accusation is proven to be accurate.

It also shows some amount of displeasure from his pals, and he may lose more if he is proved guilty.

4. He might be emotionally affected

Greenwood is only 20 years old, and he is too young to live with such a dreadful memory and experience for the rest of his life.

This might have a social and emotional impact on him.

5. It might tamper his career

Greenwood is still young and has a long way to go in his career.

May Utd is a good platform for his early professional career, but if the investigation does not favor him, Man Utd will have no choice but to dismiss him from the club, and finding a suitable club that will boost his career like Man Utd may be difficult, which could jeopardize his dreams as a player.

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