Zambia’s Grade 1 Pupil Takes Own Life


As Zambia is experiencing a surge n suicide related deaths, in an usual turn of events a grade 1 pupil from Kalulushi is also reported to have taken his own life.

Reasons for the act are not known, but the child killed himself by hanging to a tree.

Recently, the country has lost a make-up artist, Felistus Banda, and a prophet, Edgar Simanwe, to suicide.

NB: Mental health is real, please check up on your friends and family, they might seem fine but deep down they are not.

Everyone is going through a lot but some are not strong as you, do not judge those who resort to taking their own life.

People who are suicidal do not really want to die, bu they want to stop the pain, they want a relief they are not attention seekers or failures.

Be there for them, love them.


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