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Stop Being Too Good To People – Prophet Seer1

Controversial man of God Andrew Ejimadu popularly known as Prophet Seer1 has come with nothing but the truth advising those who are deemed to be good people.

Seer1 who is commonly known for his brutal truth, has said if one wants to live long must minimise being too good to people.

“If you want to live long, minimise being too good to people. If you want to die quick, continue being too good to people,” said Seer1.

According to Seer1 people do not deserve the good thing because they easily switch like a chameleon.

“People don’t deserve that good thing that you are doing for them, if you will hear what they say behind your back, you will understand my statement,” he said.

Take it or leave it…

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Flora Mitumba
Flora Mitumba


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