Mlaka Maliro Dumps ECG

Musician McDonald Mlaka Maliro has resigned as a pastor for the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) which is led by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

Mlaka Maliro who is back in the country from E-Swatin where he was plying his pastoral business, has said he wants to revive his music career.

In an interview with one of the media houses in the country, Mlaka Maliro said the decision to come back home was made to reunite with his family.

According to Mlaka, his whole family is in the country and it was hard for him to to stay alone outside the country.

“As you know, my children are in school here and that meant that my wife was spending most of her time here in Malawi. it was difficult for me to be outside the country all alone when my family was here,” said Mlaka Maliro.

However, Mlaka said he is still a pastor and a servant of God only that he is seeking God’s direction.

“I am seeking God’s direction. But i am still a pastor and a servant of God. I am very certain about my music career though,” he said.

The Kamandidutsa-dutsa hit maker who is about to release his 10 track album titled Risen King, said a comeback will not be hard since the generation he used to entertain is still around.

“Comeback won’t be a problem. The generation that used to entertain then is still around. The demand for my music high and my album is ready,” he said.

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