The High Court in Lilongwe has resumed hearing the cement-gate case involving Former President Peter Mutharika’s personal bodyguard Norman Chisale, former State House Director General Peter Mukhito and reinstated MRA Deputy Commissioner General, Roza Mbilizi.

Director of Public Prosecutions Steven Kayuni has asked the High Court to set bail conditions for former State Residences Director General, Peter Mukhitho and MRA Deputy Commissioner General Roza Mbilizi in the Cement-gate case.

Kayuni argues that the two are on police bail, which does not provide enough security that they would be available for trial.

He further says the bail conditions for the accused persons in the case need to be uniform with those of Mohamed Shafee Chunara and Norman Chisale.

Earlier in the day, the case was adjourned temporarily due to heavy rains.

The three alongside alongside businessperson Ahmed Chunara and his son Mohamed Chunara, are accused of importing of cement worth MK5 billion on duty-free using Mutharika’s taxpayer identification number.

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