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Lady Puts Condom On Her Leg To Call Out Men Who Say They’re ‘Too Big’ To Wear Them (Watch Video)

Think you’re too big for a condom? Think again.

There is officially no excuse for men to not wear protection after the good old ‘but I’m too big for a condom’ lie was finally dispelled on social media.

A woman on TikTok uploaded a video of her friend Jo Jordan putting a condom over her foot like a sock and rolling it up her very adult-sized leg, over her knee and up her thigh.

Sort of like a clear, latex, thigh-high boot if you will.

So, ladies, if you’ve ever been told ‘I’m too big’, ‘condoms don’t fit me’, and so on and so forth… well, now you have video proof that you’ve caught your man in a big old pork pie.

The TikTokker, who works in an adult store, told fans after the video unexpectedly went viral – 14.3 million views and counting – that they had just grabbed the first unlubricated condom they saw and not a specific brand.

They went with Trojan unlubricated condoms, for those playing at home.

According to data, the average penis size ranges between 10 to 17 centimetres when erect.

Here’s another blow for you: our new favourite adult store manager on TikTok revealed staff do know when you’re claiming you’re too big, because the average condom size starts at 17 centimetres.

So, guys, come on. We’re on to you.

The irony of these stats certainly weren’t lost on the women commenting on the now-viral video.

One user said: “It was very difficult not to laugh at men that said this, when I worked at an adult store.”

A second chimed in, pointing out that it isn’t a one size fits all type of thing, but that is still not a good enough excuse:

“The wrong size can go from loose to painful – but nowadays with companies like Myone custom condoms and a plethora of standard choices there’s no excuse,” they said.

A third merely thanked them for making the video: “Thank you for educating little girls because we have all heard this lie.”

So gals, if a fella ever tries to hoodwink you again with this nonsense, you now have a fun little trick to show them.

Consider this myth officially busted.

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