“It Was a Joke,” Zimbabwe Selling of Toes for 4M Was Taken Out of Proportion


The 1st of June 2022 social media in Africa was awash with images of people with missing toes after unconfirmed report from Zimbabwe said it was a booming business.
A blog in Zimbabwe wrote the piece suggesting that there was trading of toes in the capital, Harare, and Zimbabweans were making a killing.

The blog captured WhatsApp messages showing that the big toes go for Ksh 4 million while the small ones go for Ksh 2 million.

According to BBC News, the reports are unfounded but Kenyans and Nigerians are now reacting online with many promising to travel to Zimbabwe for the money.

A local news outlet in Zimbabwe, H Metro, confirmed that locals, mostly men between the age of 30s, were seen in a mall inquiring about the business.

“I have been operating here for the past 21 years and nothing here adds up to this toe stories,” one trader in the mall was quoted.

Kenyans are now making memes online on how they will live with few toes and a couple of millions in the bank. For some, the hard times have made them make serious inquiries about the same.


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