Veteran musician Lucius Banda who is also Presidential Advisor on Youth and Arts has trashed reports that dancehall artist Nepman is being sidelined at Zembani Band.

The development follows failure by Banda to travel with Nepman to United States of America where he is scheduled to perform.

Kabolongwe, former manager of musician started the war on social media and many Malawians joined it by attacking Banda.

Writing on his official facebook page Banda has described Kabolongwe’s claims as false.

“Good day all our fans. I wanted to clarify the misconception which has been created by one of Zembani band haters.

“A promoter invited three musicians Lucius Banda, Wendy Harawa and Mlaka Maliro. They did not invite zembani band as it’s being suggested,” wrote Banda.

He added: “Here in the USA a band has been organised to back all of us. That’s why you will notice that even the band leader of zembani Sam smak has not travelled with us.

“As for my son Johnie much as I am not answerable to nobody on matters of my personal life, he is supposed to look after me health wise.

“So you see if Kabol was reasonable he should have found out the truth before accusing us of sidelining Nepman, however this is not the first time Mr kabol has come in to say a lot of negative issues about us.

“May be thats the reason didn’t want to waste time explaining to him because I know he know the truth but just loves to portray us negatively.

“I am not apologetic, what I said came from my heart. Zembani is just like a nursery who ever sees potential in any artist you are welcome to take support and manage them. That’s how we produced all those big names in the past.”

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