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Form-Four Student Hacks Teacher’s Bank Account In Mulanje

A form-four student at Namulenga Community-Day Secondary school identified as Pemphero Mpotha hacked a National Bank savings account belonging to his teacher at the same school in Mulanje district.

According to the source, the teacher by the name of Mr. Bokosi used to give his student his phone to print out some examination hard copies since they were friends, neighbors and also a son to his fellow teacher at the same school.

“Pemphero grab the opportunity of using the account and pin number to withdraw money from his teacher’s bank account to his airtel money account since they were saved in the phone as contacts,” the source said.

She added that the airtel sim-card that pemphero was using to withdraw money from the bank is not registered in his name but he stole the national Identity Card (ID) from his friend Innocent Mulli who happens to be a brother to a female teacher at the same school.

“Bokosi has been experiencing the missing of money in his account for some months now and thought the bank was stealing his money,” she explained.

The source further said when the salaries of June were in, Bokosi did not bother going to the bank to withdraw money but waited until next week Wednesday on 6 July 2022 when he received two messages of money being transferred from his bank account to airtel money account amounting 20,000 kwacha each transaction.

“Since it was independence day holiday, Bokosi failed to go to the bank for inquires but he went to Mulanje National Bank branch where he filled a withdrawing form indicating the whole amount which was in his account but the teller told him his account has less than the amount being shown on the form and that was when he asked for bank statement,” said the source.

She said after discovering the statement Bokosi went to report the matter to the police where they found that a sim-card holding the name of Innocent Mulli was feeding his money and he was assured by the police to bring the suspect to book.

“When things got tougher with fear that he will be caught, Pemphero text Innocent Mulli through facebook and later send voice note (VN) on whatsapp telling him how he hacked the so called teacher and he then warned his friend to deny if anyone ask him about the development,”

“Innocent screen shot the Facebook messages and forwarded the VN to his sister but unfortunately her husband and some of his friends took the evidence to Bokosi in order to stop blaming the bank,” she said.

According to research of Face of Malawi reporter, it shows Bokosi is reluctant to provide the evidence to police that Innocent Mulli was not responsible for frequent withdraws but Pemphero was the master planner of the whole situation he was going through.

The reporter also established that Bokosi invited the Mulli’s family at his house to talk over the issue since he believed that it could be sorted out without involving the police.

Bokosi is yet to close the case at the police after the discussion he had with both parties.

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