5 Signs She’ll Never Marry You


1 Every time you talk about your future together, she smiles and nods. And then asks you to pass the salt. Or worse, you’ve been dating for over a year and the future has never come up once.

2. If you notice, during a serious conversation or an argument with your girlfriend, she says the words, “your wife” she has no intention of marrying you.

3. Has a negative attitude towards marriage

There are girls out there who do not believe in marriage. If you are dating a girl who makes fun of weddings, mocks married couples, or dismisses you anytime you talk about weddings, know that your wedding bells are not ringing soon.

4. Disrespects you

Disrespect in this context implies flirting with other men in front of you. Flirting with other women in front of you is a big red flag, not only because it shows your girlfriend does not want to marry you, but because she is a player.

5. She aborts your baby

In the event that she’s pregnant for you yet can’t save it for reasons unknown, she’ll disclose to you she’s not prepared, not that you are not capable of handling the responsibility but rather she simply need to abort it because she didn’t cherish you enough. She’s doesn’t want to marry you.

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