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Man Seeks Divorce After Wife Calls Wrong Name During S3x

In a matter yet to be heard at the Bulawayo Customary Court, a man from Hope Fountain on the outskirts of Bulawayo is seeking divorce after suspecting that his wife was cheating on him because she was constantly calling out her ex-lover’s name during s.e.x.

For Felix Dube, his wife Nombulelelo Moyo’s habitual actions of repeating her ex-lover’s name when in the throes of passion may seem like the sort of blunder which is better suited to a bad film.

This came to light when Dube filed for divorce at the Bulawayo Customary Court claiming his wife always calls out her former boyfriend’s name whenever they are making love.

In his suit he stated that there was no love anymore between him and Moyo reiterating that their customary marriage had irretrievably broken down and there were no prospects of a restoration to a normal relationship. The main reason being that his wife was constantly shouting another man’s name while the action was going on.

“I am customarily married to Nombulelelo Moyo and our union has irretrievably broken down as I suspect that she is still dating her ex-lover because, whenever we are in bed, she calls out his name.

“As a result there are no prospects of restoration to a normal relationship because we now have irreconcilable differences which render the continuance of the relationship impossible. As a couple we have also lost love and affection for each other,” read the papers in part.

He further claimed whenever he confronted her about the issue; she became violent and started verbally and physically abusing him.

Dube, who said he would take care of their two children‘s upkeep upon the dissolution of their marriage, wants to have their property mostly household items and livestock to be shared equally.

Moyo’s response is set to be heard when the parties appear in court.

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