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3 Reasons It’s So Hard to Forget the First Love

There are a lot of firsts we encounter in life, like owning our first car, having our first drink, and our first day at school.

Firsts are some of the most memorable moments in life, and depending on the situation can either bring us a feeling of ecstasy or a sense of devastation.

Either way, one thing most people remember is their first love.

Love is always special, but your first love moves you in a way that is inherently unique.

It introduces you to feelings you have never had before, for better or for worse, and is accompanied by a sense of wonder, intrigue, and excitement.

Even though your first love may not have lasted, it will be a part of who you are for the rest of your life.

  1. It’s who You Experienced Intimacy With for the First Time

Ask anyone about the memories of their first kiss, first hug, first cuddle, and the first time they had sex.

Their faces will light up with a priceless glow. This happens because experiencing intimacy for the first time gets etched in the memory forever.

  1. First love is incomparable

You might have already found you’re the only one but there is always a sacred corner in your heart where your first love is hidden.

You have a special connection with your first beloved that is very difficult to break, although your feeling may no longer exist.

Moreover, it is unforgettable for those things you do in your life: first kiss, first confession etc.

  1. This type of love seems perfect

Oh my goodness. This love is perfect. It’s too bad we can’t get second firsts because that’s on the time you walk on cloud nine (you may walk on it again).

It’s an amazing feeling. So difficult to let go of when you get a hold of it. It’s worse when you’re also the first love to your first love, magical

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Flora Mitumba
Flora Mitumba


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