Zambia’s Minister of Information Chushi Kasanda is currently under heavy criticisms for claiming that opposition Patriots for Economic Progress Leader Sean E. Tembo is in love with her.

“I think Sean Tembo is in love with me, even when he looks at his wife he sees Kasanda ,” the Minister was quoted saying.

The Minister the further claimed that FDD leader Edith Nawakwi is an empty tin whose outward appearance looks like a man.

But Chushi outburst has attracted backlash with some people asking President Hakainde Hichilema to fire her.

AfroJames – The African Teacher wrote: “Credibility by the Honorable Minister raises concern from this angle of view especially that the NATION is expecting more from her interms of providing information about the economic realm of our society and not love portions with PeP President”

Concurring with James Mubanga Chimumbwa wrote: “When the Minister of Information only moves with Ichushi instead of information this is what happens.”

Douglas Kapambwe also wrote: “If this statement is surely coming from our minister then it’s very embarrassing indeed and it’s outside the box. Sean’s wife is by far more beautiful than this proud for nothing minister!!”

Another Zambia identified as Yong Philip wrote: “If this is true I wonder what HH owes this lady for her to be paid back with ministerial position .”

Meanwhile, debate continues on the matter.

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