Police confiscates hundreds of empty jerry-cans in filling stations


Lilongwe Police Station, on September 19 and 20, 2022 invaded different filling stations within its policing area and confiscated over 500 (five hundred) jerry cans, three drums of 200-litre capacity, and numerous five-litre gallons.

The initiative which is called Operation Landa Zigubu (OLZ) is aimed at bringing sanity in filling stations where progress in as far as selling, and buying of fuel by motorists has been a challenge caused by fuel black-market vendors.

Lilongwe Police observed that most of the jerry-can carriers in different filling stations are black-market vendors who are denying bonafide motorists a chance to purchase the commodity, thereby causing unnecessary chaos in these places.

The station will continue sending police officers to all filling stations within its policing area in order to maintain order, and at the same time to see to it that there is enough safety and security.

Meanwhile, Lilongwe Police is warning people that it will not condone anyone to visit any filling station with a jerry can, otherwise, the law will take its course.

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