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Check Out What Sultana Puts on Her Eyes to Make her Look Blind When Acting (See Photos)

KENYA – Sultana is a Citizen Television show that airs at 7:30 p.m. every weekdays. Sultana, a blind girl, plays the lead role. She plays the blind character so convincingly that one suspects she is actually blind.

Mwanaasha Johari is the real name of Sultana, a Citizen Tv character.

Sultana of Citizen Tv in Real Life

Is Sultana truly blind? This question has piqued the interest of many fans. Mwanaasha is a lovely lady who fans in the country adore her for her flawless performance as the blind character in the show.

The actress is stunning, and her fans on social media are constantly complimenting her on her beauty. In real life, Mwanaasha is not blind as depicted in the show.

So, how does Sultana play the role of a blind girl?

Many people have probably wondered what Sultana does to her eyes to make them appear blind.

To achieve the best effect of a blind person, actors who play blind people typically wear White Mesh Contact Lenses.

Contact lenses are used by actors to change their pigmentation, make them appear older, create flaws, and even transform into another species.

Mesh Contacts can also be seen through, though not completely. The majority of people report a slight blur in their vision; however, some people report that the blur fades after a while.

Check below some of Sultana’s beautiful photos without the White Mesh Contact Lenses;


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