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Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Bursary Scheme has paid out financial support to more than 300 underprivileged students to pursue their various courses in private public universities in Malawi.

The scheme management desires to reach out to children more than 1, 000 students by the end of the year 2022.

The Bushiri Bursary Scheme was launched in April 2022.

One of the managers, Willie Karonga made the idea clear on Tuesday afternoon when 25 beneficiaries from Lilongwe City explored the Bursary Scheme Offices at Golden Peacock.

Bushiri invited the students to appreciate the progress made and challenges the students are facing in pursuit of higher education.

Kalonga who presented Bushiri said, “The desire of the prophet is to engage and connect with his beneficiaries so they appreciate the objective of the bursary. Bushiri Bursary Scheme has a goal of reaching 5, 000 students in five years.”

“We will keep hosting the students to make sure that our beneficiaries are reminded and encouraged the reason why bursary was put in place.” He said.

The scheme aims to encourage the government to put effort in proving quality education to all students.

The time Bushiri was launching the scheme he encouraged the beneficiaries to pay back through carrying out charity work once employed since they will not be paid back after the completion of schools.

“The Bursary is for free, but the beneficiaries must start working to replicate the favour to the students who are less priviledged,” he said.

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