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Parents With These Blood Group Produce Genius Children

When a child develops and gains popularity among the public, every parent rejoices.

Bringing up such smart kids is challenging.

Blood is a red liquid composed of disc-shaped cells with concave sides. Its responsibility is to transfer nutrition, oxygen, and waste out of the body (carbon dioxide and hormones). A B, C, and D are the four blood types.

The cognitive quotient did not correlate with any blood group (p 0.05).

The researchers concluded that IQ and blood group did not correlate.

This result both supports past findings and piques curiosity in further research.

Most of the time, children with blood type AB have higher IQs. Most intelligent people and scientists have blood type AB.

If you saunter around and try to gather blood sorts without troubling particular youngsters, you will find that many children of AB descent are more reliable and honest.

People with AB blood have the highest IQs, according to studies. If they marry an AB person, their children can have blood types A, B, or AB.

If you find someone with a type AB background who also has type A ancestry, your chances of having a bright child increase.

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