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Here Is Why God Gives You A Partner You Don’t Love or Not Find Attractive Enough

Getting married is a very important stage in everyone’s life.

Partners often look for how compatible they are, their financial prospects and also how good-looking the person is.

It is therefore normal to see Christians in churches praying that they land the perfect partner who ticks all the boxes on the specifications they desire.

Pastor Agyemang in his recent sermon has however revealed why God sometimes gives you a partner who you feel within your heart that you do not love or do not even find attractive enough.

He explains that when God is blessing you, he gives you something that will help save your destiny rather than what will fill your heart’s desires.

He gives the example that, you may be praying to land a particular job so you can earn a higher income, however, God might not give you the job because doing so might cost you your life down the road.

Pastor Elvis asserts that he has seen marriages where the couple were the flashiest in terms of their looks and the wedding ceremony organized however down the line the marriage is filled with misery.

He continues that on the other hand, he has seen couples who were initially not in love with each other but now love each other the most and the marriage is a happy one.

He, therefore, wrapped up his statements by saying God will sometimes give you a partner who will help your destiny.

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