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Maid Drags Employer To Court After Severe Beating For Wearing The Boss’ Shoes

A Bulawayo maid was left nursing injuries following a thorough beating from her boss when she was caught wearing her employer’s shoes.

Mashudu Mambo was severely bashed by her enraged boss Moreen Ngwenya of Northend suburb when she found the 16-year-old maid wearing her shoes.

Ngwenya assaulted the teenager with a wooden spoon on her back.

The employer has since been hauled before Bulawayo magistrate Busani Sibanda facing a charge of physical abuse. She pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment.

Five months of her sentence were suspended for five years on the condition of good behaviour.

The remaining five months were suspended on the condition that she performs 175 hours of community service at Baines Junior School for five weeks.

Also on iHarare, a Zimbabwean woman is reported to have mysteriously lost her voice just moments before she was supposed to testify at the High Court.

The distraught woman could only sob and gesture as she hopelessly tried to explain what had happened to her. The mother was supposed to give testimony in the rape trial of her daughter.

The video of the mother wailing uncontrollably at the courts was shared by the lifestyle tabloid H-Metro. Unfortunately, due to her circumstances, she could not be interviewed to shed light on the particularities of her case and the testimony she was supposed to give.

At the time of publishing, it could not be established how the woman had lost her voice.  It is also not clear how long the condition will last before she goes back to being normal.

However, many Zimbabweans expressed shock at the development and suggested that the mother may have been a victim of juju to stop her from testifying against the perpetrator.

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Flora Mitumba
Flora Mitumba


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