Constant criminal activity among Nigerian citizens has tarnished the country’s reputation worldwide.

They are notorious drug dealers, and one can easily get hard substances from them in South Africa.

Our youth population is being decimated by drug traffickers, and this is a major issue that has many people looking for solutions.

Just last week, locals in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, destroyed the headquarters of a Nigerian drug boss known only as “CJ” and many of his vehicles.

The locals had had enough of the man’s criminal behavior and decided to take matters into their own hands.

An emerging story states that the Thai police have arrested a Nigerian man, identified as Chidozie W.E, 38, for possession of heavy drugs.

About seven packets of a substance suspected to be cocaine were eaten by the suspects, who attempted to smuggle it through Suvarnabhumi Airport BKK.

He is currently being questioned by authorities and will be arraigned in court once the inquiry is complete.

This is really depressing, but we have faith that the Nigerian government would do what it can to persuade its people to stop engaging in drug-related activities.

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