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Zambian Woman Seeks Serious Relationship After 15 Years of Being Single

A woman from Lusaka has taken to social media to express her desire for a serious relationship after being single for nearly 15 years.

Caroline, a 47-year-old resident of Makeni, is looking for a man who is financially stable and literate, and who lives in a nice neighborhood.

She is open to the idea of a relationship, and is eager to find someone who can fulfill her needs.

Read as written by Zambian local media Kalemba;

Tired of rolling in bed alone and hugging pillows for nearly a decade and half, a woman of Lusaka has released a video asking for a serious man to plough her like a sweet potato field.

Like a showroom car on display, Caroline a 47 year resident of Makeni shows off her curvey hump and her full front baby juicy tanks which will surely have one but too many men plotting on how to dismantle it.

For her low mileage matured like fine wine over 14 years, she demands that the man to remove the cobwebs and send her to Jupiter’s moon must live in a nice suburb and be literate as well as financially stable.

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Flora Mitumba
Flora Mitumba


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