Four arrested for assaulting to death an elderly man in Chitipa


Police in Chitipa are keeping four men in custody for being suspected that they assaulted an elderly man to death identified as Jamu Chizumila at Mweneitulo village in the district.

Chizumila was killed by angry villagers on January 17, 2023 because he failed to take part in a community work at Namutegha Primary School, where the villagers were constructing a school building.

The angry villagers took away all his livestock as a punishment and assaulted him, and later he was taken to Chitipa district hospital where he died.

Postmortem conducted at Chitipa District revealed that the suspected died as a result of severe head injuries.

Chitipa Police Station Assistant Public Relations Officer Hope Nyarinyari said four suspects will soon appear in court to answer murder charges contrary to Section 309 of the Penal Code.

The four suspects were identified as 25 year-old Henderson Kaweta, 27 year-old Lomeni Mwabeni, 62 year-old Kingstone Mwabeni from Mweneitulo village, and 64-year old Otawa Msukwa from Mwangulukulu village, in the area of Senior Chief Mwenemisuku in Chitipa district.

Chizumila also came from Mweneitulo village, in the area of Senior Chief Mwenemisuku in the district.

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