Zambian Woman Reports Her Brother In Law To Police For M@sturb@ting Using Her Two Pics


A 26-year-old man from Ndola, Zambia, was caught by his brother’s wife masturbating in his bedroom using two of her photos. The incident occurred yesterday, and the police were immediately called to the scene.

Mrs. Peggy Monde, 30, had suspected her brother-in-law of being a weed smoker and decided to look through his bedroom window. To her shock, she saw him masturbating using her photos. She took a video of him in the act, fearing that he might deny it later.

She expressed her concern to the police, saying that he was a danger to her and her female children. She worried that he might end up raping them, considering his behaviour.

The husband, who is still in shock, has yet to speak about his young brother’s actions until his mother from Kafue arrives. The police have collected the video as evidence and have detained the man.

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