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Woman Dies for Betraying Boyfriend who financed her education Abroad (Watch Video)

A young woman named Maame Yaa reportedly passed away after being cursed by her ex-boyfriend, who she had betrayed and tried to outsmart.

Maame Yaa had been in a relationship with a taxi driver who had paid for her education and taken care of her until she completed university. However, she ended the relationship because she believed he was not in her social class.

After the breakup, the taxi driver made a video in which he used schnapps and eggs to curse Maame Yaa. He was heartbroken and angry that she had left him after he had taken care of her and her family. He had even supported her child and parents by buying the eggs they sold to make a living.

According to reports on Instagram, Maame Yaa died after being cursed by her ex-boyfriend. The curse, known as ‘duabo,’ was meant to bring harm to her and her family.

It is unclear whether the curse was the direct cause of her death, but it is a tragic end to a sad story.

Source > Bestshowbiz

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