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My Husband Doesn’t Want Me To Chase Our Pregnant Maid – Zambian Woman Cries

Sometimes, when a lady who helps at home gets pregnant, it can be tricky for the family and her. Recently, a lady at home first said she wasn’t pregnant but later told the truth, saying she was tired because her pregnancy was far along.

The family thought about how to help. One idea was to give her more money for her baby and health needs, in addition to her normal pay. But the husband had another idea. He wanted to be kind and let her stay and take care of her baby since she was good with their children.

However, they wondered how she would work with a tiny baby around. So, they decided to hire someone else for a little while to help out while she adjusts to being a mom.

To make things more complicated, the father of her baby had disappeared, leaving her on her own.

Mums here who have employed house maids how do you deal with a situation where the house maid becomes pregnant?
She was at first denying she’s pregnant but she has told me she is and it’s big, she has been very good to the kids but she’s becoming tired, I was suggesting I give her some money apart from her salary and then realise her but my husband is telling me to treat her well and let her stay with the baby considering how she’s been taking care of our kids but how will she work with a small baby?
Will I employ another one for her? I’ve asked my husband and he’s telling me we will employ another maid to help her for a few months. The guy responsible for the pregnancy has run away.
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