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Zeze Kingston Teams Up With RR Group To Help Orphans

Well-known Amapiano artist Robert Ching’amba, known as Zeze Kingston, has partnered with RR Group of Companies to donate items to Mthunzi Orphanage, according to a spokesperson.

“In the past, I used to be so insulting, I was somebody who liked fighting and all sorts of bad behaviours, but now I am able to live with friends peacefully and work hard in my education, and the motivation talk from Zeze has changed my life, and I am expecting a lot,” said one child who was rescued from the streets two years ago.

Dorothy Tambala, acting mother of the boy children at Mthunzi orphanage, thanked the partners.

“When these children see such kinds of support, they feel remembered and happy because sometimes they feel sidelined, so we are very thankful,” she said.

Precious Kaliyapa, head designer of the RR Group of Companies, said they were motivated to help children struggling in the streets and orphanages.

“The plan is to identify places and visit them, but we cannot do it alone,” Kaliyapa said.

The donation included rice, cooking oil, soft drinks, and a goat to be used for relish.

RR Group of Companies, owned by Shabir Jussab, started outreach to needy children in orphanages five months ago.

Zeze told the children gathered to never lose hope in their ambitions.

“This is a starting point, so what we are doing is to change these kids’ lives, because through my music they are happy, so I want that through my music I should change their lives because it’s a dream of all of these kids in the streets to live a better life,” he said.

The event brought together orphans from Machinjiri and Bangwe to celebrate and showcase their talents, like singing, poetry, and dancing. The children wore t-shirts labelled with names like “Zeze Kingston” and “RR Trading CSR Drive”.

Assorted items donated included 50kg of rice, cooking oil, soft drinks, and a full goat.

RR Group of Companies visits one orphanage per month as part of their vision to help struggling children.

They have so far supported Mthunzi, Courageous Kids Foundation, Hope Foundation, and Bahas Orphanage.

Kaliyapa called on others to join their efforts.

“There are many more children who are struggling and need help. I know we are doing it, but there is a lot remaining. We can make an impact on these kids even bigger,” he said.

The partnership between Zeze Kingston and RR Group aims to bring hope and joy to orphans in Malawi through donations and motivating messages.

The children expressed gratitude for the support in improving their lives and education.

Copied: AfricaBrief

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