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Lady rеjеctеd hеr Boyfriеnd’s G-Wagon car gift duе to its color (watch video)

In a surprising twist, a video on social media captures a woman rejecting a lavish G-Wagon gift from her boyfriend, solely based on its color.
The boyfriend’s grand gesture of purchasing a N66.6 million car is met with disappointment as the lady flatly rejects the extravagant gift, expressing dissatisfaction with the car’s color.
The incident has sparked a wave of reactions, with viewers sharing varied opinions on the unexpected turn of events.
This serves as a reminder that human preferences can be unpredictable, highlighting the dynamics of gift-giving and acceptance in relationships.
Watch video below,

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Edgar Naitha
Edgar Naitha
Reporter|| Music Promotor|| Videographer Email: info@faceofmalawi.com


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