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Man Killed by Angry Mob After Allegedly Stabbing Brother-in-law Over Unpaid Work in Phalombe

In Phalombe’s Mpata area, an enraged mob took the life of a man accused of fatally stabbing his brother-in-law over monetary disputes.

Phalombe Police Station Officer, Marko Mvutuka, disclosed that Steven Makwaya had hired his brother-in-law, Steven Sapo, for a job involving cutting reeds and bamboos.

Despite Sapo’s successful completion of the task, Makwaya allegedly withheld payment for reasons unknown.

When confronted about the overdue payment, Makwaya reportedly drew a knife, fatally stabbing Sapo in the ribs, leading to his immediate death.

This tragic incident further incited anger among community members, resulting in the formation of a deadly mob.

Postmortem results revealed that both deaths were attributed to severe blood loss.

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Edgar Naitha
Edgar Naitha
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