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Anthrax disease in Malawi

The ministry of Health has confirmed that one person has been diagnosed with Anthrax in this country.

According to a letter signed by the secretary general in the ministry, Dr. Samson Mndolo said that the person was found with the disease in Mzimba district and the results has been confirmed by Public Health Institute of Malawi (PHIM).

The secretary said that the ministry is currently working with other organizations to investigate properly the matter.

“Anthrax is a disease caused by bacterium called Bacillus Anthracic and affects animals such as cows, goats, pigs and humans. However, it can occasionally affect humans who come into contact with infected animals or animal products and the transmission to humans usually occurs through direct contact with affected animals or by handling contaminated animal products,” part of the statement read.

Currently the disease is common in Zambia and people take it if they come in contact with affected animals or eat animals that are affected by the disease.

Some of the symptoms of Anthrax are a painless rash with black lump in the middle, body aches, coughing, shortness of breath, vomiting and diarrhea.

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