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Primary school teacher arrested for sleeping with a 16 year old girl in Lilongwe

A 47 year-old primary teacher identified as Dunken Jonas has been arrested in Lilongwe for having sex with a 16 year old girl by lying to her that he will write her standard 8 examination.

According to Lilongwe police spokesperson Hastings Chigalu, the court heard from the prosecutor in the case, Sub Inspector Tisungane Makiyi that Jonas committed the crime in May this year at his home.

Makiyi said that on that day Jonas asked the girl to follow him to his house and cook for him, by that time his wife was not there.

After they reached home, Jonas dragged the girl to his room and raped her, and he gave her K2, 000 and told her that he will write her standard 8 examination.

In the court, Jonas denied the charge but the government brought its evidence which showed that Jonas indeed had sex with the girl.

Dunken Jonas comes from the village of Kholomana senior chief Chikumbu in Mulanje district.

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