Reality TV star and racy dancer Zodwa Wabantu is no stranger to letting her lady parts hang loose despite the constant criticism she receives.

Earlier this year, she was barred from entering and performing in Lesotho because her wardrobe and stage act went against the country’s beliefs.

However, in South Africa, fans are praising her most recent racy picture on Instagram, where she shed light on why she dresses the way she does.

In the picture she posted on Sunday, Wabantu is seen in a provokative pose next to her stylist, Sicelo Shabba Khanyile.

“I don’t know why I do it😂 To be Naked🔥 It’s in my Blood 🩸 OWabantu,” she captioned the post.

Fans took to the comments to share reasons why they think the controversial dancer should continue showing off her “amazing” body.

@trissel_her_royal_cuteness wrote: “It’s a sin not to show off what gave you. You have an amazing body 🔥🔥🔥.”
@_vickiana_ said: “It’s freedom! 🙌.”

@maphe_caperise commented: “You’re a natural skhokho. We were all created naked.✔️.”

@magatikele_ wrote: “I have never seen a naked sangoma in my life 😂😂.”

One spicy user, @ldao28, commented: “I will tell you why….it’s because you have an audience and therein is the value… however… nothing lasts forever, cash in and invest… for a time will come, the audience will seek entertainment elsewhere.”

In other news, the socialite recently participated in a celebrity boxing match against actress Manaka Ranaka, which ended in a tie after three rounds.

The event was dedicated to celebrating women in boxing.

In an online interview, Wabantu said: “I agreed to do it because there are women who really love it, who support their families through boxing, and it’s a sport that needs more attention [from us] as black people.

“I wouldn’t do it again but I support those women, it was all just for awareness.”


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