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Police arrest 21 Ethiopians for illegal entry into Malawi

Police in Kasungu district have arrested 21 Ethiopian nationals for allegedly entering Malawi illegally.

The deputy spokesperson for Kasungu police Miracle Mkozi, said the police arrested the people in Kamtuwale, Kamphulu and Buwa areas after being tipped off by some well-wishers.

It is reported that the 21 Ethiopians were helped by some Malawians and police have also arrested them for helping to smuggle these foreign nationals

According to Mkozi the suspects have been arrested after they failed to provide entry permits and they have been opened a case against them for entering the country without a permit, while the Malawians will answer charges of human trafficking

This comes just over a week after police in Mzuzu, in collaboration with the Department of Immigration, arrested some Ethiopian citizens in a similar case.

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